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Farming 4 Care: Using nature to cultivate resilience in young people

Posted by Martin Downes on 11 August 2015

As part of an ARC Linkage Grant, Martin Downes with a team of researchers, is conducting a study on the use of animals and green space interaction in the young people who have experienced trauma, maltreatment, disrupted family environments and out-of-home placements as a means to develop resilience and self efficacy.

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Economic Modelling of Healthcare Services for Prostate Cancer

Posted by Louisa Gordon on 11 August 2015
Louisa Gordon and her team have constructed, validated and applied a generic economic model for prostate cancer treatment, a project funded by the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia. The model can be used to evaluate cancer control services for prostate cancer using the generic model which can be adapted and modified for ongoing analyses.
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Panel Provider of Services to MSAC

Posted by Louisa Gordon on 11 August 2015
Louisa Gordon and her team apply their research skills in epidemiology, biostatistics, and health economics to evaluate and prepare high quality critiques, protocols and health technology assessments. Each output involves analysis and review of efficacy, safety and cost-effectiveness data. The reports prepared by CAHE aid decisions regarding whether services and tests should be funded by the Medicare Benefits Scheme.
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Economic Studies in Sun and Health: Skin Cancers and Vitamin D Deficiency

Posted by Louisa Gordon on 11 August 2015

Louisa Gordon and Tom Elliott are undertaking health economics research to estimate the costs and benefits of too little or too much ultraviolet radiation in Australian populations. The research will address the harms and benefits of the dual problem of skin cancer and diseases associated with Vitamin D deficiency. This project is part of the NHMRC CRE in Sun and Health (CRESH).

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