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HAVE study protocol

Posted by Sanjeewa Kularatna on 16 May 2016

Quality-adjusted life years are derived using health state utility weights which adjust for the relative value of living in each health state compared with living in perfect health. Various techniques are used to estimate health state utility weights including time-trade-off and standard gamble. These methods have exhibited limitations in terms of complexity, validity and reliability. A new composite approach using experimental auctions to value health states is introduced in this protocol.

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Sanjeewa KularatnaAuthor: Sanjeewa Kularatna
About: Sanjeewa Kularatna is a Health Economist working for CAHE, Griffith University. He has wide experience working in public health and policy settings and completed a PhD in Health Economics in Australia. His main research interests are health state valuation methods and development of new preference based instruments for specific disease conditions.
Tags: Health Policy

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