Citizens' Juries for health policy making

Posted by Paul Scuffham on 1 June 2015
Paul Scuffham and his team are studying the use of Citizen's Juries to facilitate consumer input in healthcare decision-making. This ARC linkage project combines Discrete Choice Experiments and Qualitative Methodology to elicit the relative strength of consumer preferences in healthcare.
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Value of Information Analysis in Healthcare Interventions

Posted by Haitham Tuffaha on 29 May 2015

Haitham Tuffaha is doing his PhD under the supervision of Paul Scuffham and Louisa Gordon. He is investigating the application of value of information analysis in health care interventions to inform decision making, optimal trial design and research prioritisation.

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The public's preferences for emergency care alternatives and the influence of the presenting context

Posted by Paul Harris on 29 May 2015

Paul Harris just completed his PhD studies on the Australian public's preferences for emergency care alternatives and how these differ depending on presenting circumstances. His research demonstrates the public have heterogeneous preferences, which are influenced by a range of individual factors such as attitudes towards responsibilities for health, sociodemographics and health status and health care experiences. The findings provide insights into the Australian public's reactions to emergency care reform and further demonstrate the importance of service quality of as determinant of health care choices.

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The financial implications for treatment of prostate cancer

Posted by Louisa Gordon on 29 May 2015

Louisa Gordon and her team undertook this study in 2013 for "The Prostate Cancer in Australia". The study examined the economic impact of prostate cancer in Australia both from a health system perspective and from that of patients and their families.

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"Cancer Costs" Interview

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