Assessing the Value of Research

Posted by Haitham Tuffaha on 2 June 2016

Haitham Tuffaha's research on assessing the value of research has been featured in 'Sax Institute Member Profile'.

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Representation at ISPOR Conference Singapore

Posted by Josh Byrnes on 2 June 2016

ISPOR is recognized globally as the leading educational and scientific organization for outcomes research and its use in health care decisions. The Asia-Pacific Conference in Singapore in Sept 2016 will provide a forum for delegates to share their new research, attend a workshop on innovative experiences in outcomes research or debate views on controversial topics in an issue panel session. Congratulations to CAHE's Paul Scuffham for his acceptance on two "issues panels" and to Cindy Mervin, Josh Byrnes, Kim Nguyen, Sanj Kularatna, for acceptance of their abstracts. We encourage people to register and look forward to meeting delegates.

Conference Website


The CEDRiC Project

Posted by Kim-Huong Nguyen on 19 May 2016

This project is conducted by The University of the Sunshine Coast. Kim's role as health economist is to conduct cost and cost effectiveness analyses. The project aims to strengthen the capacity of the aged care sector to deliver high quality aged care, to improve care for older adults in the Emergency Department and improve interaction between the Residential Aged Care Facility and both primary and secondary healthcare sectors.

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HAVE study protocol

Posted by Sanjeewa Kularatna on 16 May 2016

Quality-adjusted life years are derived using health state utility weights which adjust for the relative value of living in each health state compared with living in perfect health. Various techniques are used to estimate health state utility weights including time-trade-off and standard gamble. These methods have exhibited limitations in terms of complexity, validity and reliability. A new composite approach using experimental auctions to value health states is introduced in this protocol.

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