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The First EQ-5D utility value set for South Asia

Posted by Sanjeewa Kularatna on 1 September 2015
Sanjeewa recently received his PhD in Health Economics from Griffith University. His PhD research focused on providing national utility scores for Sri Lanka. He used time trade off method to value EQ-5D-3L health states using preference of Sri Lankan general population. This study used a large representative sample and produced the first national utility value set for the South Asian region. This will allow future economic evaluations to use Quality Adjusted Life Years as outcome measure in this developing region.
Sanjeewa KularatnaAuthor: Sanjeewa Kularatna
About: Sanjeewa Kularatna is a Health Economist working for CAHE, Griffith University. He has wide experience working in public health and policy settings and completed a PhD in Health Economics in Australia. His main research interests are health state valuation methods and development of new preference based instruments for specific disease conditions.
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