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Celebrate. Remember. Fight Back. Episodic Volunteering for Non-Profits.

CAHE LeadAngus (Shu-Kay) Ng

FUNDING: ARC Linkage Grant, Cancer Council Queensland, Union for International Cancer Control, American Cancer Society.

DESCRIPTION: This interdisciplinary research which aims to use mixed methods (qualitative interviews and quantitative surveys) and multiple perspectives (volunteers and staff who manage them) to address knowledge gaps regarding an episodic volunteering definition; theoretical model of volunteer retention; economic and social impact. Research findings are intended to provide an evidence base and recommendations for non-profit sector policy and practice involving episodic volunteers.
Angus Ng leads theoretical research on the confirmation of the Episodic Volunteer Engagement and Retention (EVER) model that identifies key determinants of EV evolve over time.
Paul Scuffham leads the analysis of social/economic EV impacts and advises on the development of qualitative semi-structured interviews and quantitative cross-sectional survey for impact measurement.
The project team is led by Suzanne Chambers and includes Melissa Hyde, also from Griffith University.




My Health Record

CAHE Lead: Martin Downes

FUNDING: Siggins Miller Consultants Pty Ltd

DESCRIPTION: The My Health Record is an electronic summary of an individual's health information that can be shared between registered healthcare providers involved in the individual's care to support improved decision making. It is currently "opt-in" for individuals and healthcare providers, meaning they need to register to participate. The My Health Record system is a key component of the national Health infrastructure and is fundamental to developing a more sustainable and cost effective health system that supports better health for all Australians. The ability for healthcare providers to share electronic health information contributes to improved continuity of care, better treatment and medication decisions, fewer adverse drug events, reduced avoidable hospital admissions and duplication of tests. The My Health Record system is to be changed from the current opt-in participation arrangement to opt-out for all individuals as part of a range of measures to increase general practitioner engagement and use. However, transitioning to an opt-out system can present risks if not successful and healthcare provider use is lower than expected and reputational risk for the Government if implementation is ineffective. To better understand the risks associated with a national opt-out system, and to identify appropriate and effective mitigation strategies, opt-out trials on around one million individuals at a cost of an estimated $51 million is been undertaken in 2016.
The CAHE team is currently working on this project and has developed the methods to evaluate the effectiveness and costs associated with the participation arrangement. This project involves triangulation of data from numerous sources, including the My Health Record operator data of 4 million individuals.

Project Website (External Link)

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