Health Services Research


Dealing with Cognitive and Related Functional Decline in Older People

CAHE Lead: Tracy Comans

FUNDING: NHMRC National Partnership Centre for Cognitive and Associated Function Decline.

DESCRIPTION: Tracy Comans and Kim Nguyen are providing health economic expertise to the NHMRC National Partnership Centre for Cognitive and Associated Function Decline. The primary aim of the centre is to deliver excellence in research and knowledge translation for the purpose of improving quality of care for older people with cognitive decline and their carers, and providing better evidence and information for service providers and decision makers.

Project Website (External Link)




Management to Optimise Diabetes and Metobolic Risk Reduction Via Nurse-led Intervention

CAHE Lead: Jean Spinks

FUNDING: NHMRC grant through the Mary MacKillop Institute for Health Research.

DESCRIPTION: This study will develop a regional health care program that aims to reduce the risks of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. People living in regional areas have higher levels of the risk factors that lead to these diseases, such as high blood pressure, obesity, blood glucose and lipids. Because there is often limited access to health care in regional areas, this program will implement a health and lifestyle intervention program led by nurses.

Project Website (External Link)




Citizens Juries for Determing Provision of Healthcare Services

CAHE Lead: Paul Scuffham

FUNDING: ARC, Queensland Health, Adelaide Health Service Inc.

DESCRIPTION: This project studied the use of Citizens' Juries to facilitate consumer input in healthcare decision-making. The project team used Discrete Choice Experiments (DCE) to elicit the relative strength of preference of the 'jurors' for:

  1. The Provision of Emergency Care Services
  2. Surgical Management of Obesity

The project also conducted DCE's with the general public, clinicians and healthcare decision makers to help determine if there are similarities in preferences between these groups of people.


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