Health Technology Assessment

External Evaluation of Submissions to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee

CAHE Lead: Martin Downes

FUNDING:  Department of Health, Australian Government

DESCRIPTION: We provide expert assessments on submissions from pharmaceutical companies seeking government subsidy of a pharmaceutical or vaccine through listing on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Schedule (PBS). The submissions need to demonstrate that the product is cost-effective, i.e. provides value for money. The submissions are critically appraised including a judgment on their indicated use, target population, the adequacy of patient information provided, the clinical efficacy, and the statistical analyses of clinical and economic value. The economic evidence that needs to be analysed usually involves a detailed review of the economic models presented (including the structure of the model, clinical pathway, errors in data entry or in variables).

Since the start of the project, we have been involved in more than 80 critical appraisals and four therapeutic group reviews. Due to our involvement, the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) has approved many of the medications and this has resulted in over 500,000 patients being able to receive new clinically effective treatments at a cost to the government of less than $250 million per year. Many submissions were rejected, based on inadequate evidence of clinical effectiveness and/or cost-effectiveness. If these medications would have been listed they would have resulted in a cost to the PBS of over $700 million per year. Therefore, our work over the last six years alone was pivotal in the allocation of almost 1 billion dollars annually in this country, affecting hundreds of thousands of patients. The cumulative impact will be even higher.

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Services to Support the Medicare Services Advisory Committee

CAHE Lead: Martin Downes

FUNDING: Department of Health, Australian Government

DESCRIPTION: CAHE has a contract with the Department of Health and Ageing for the various services for submissions to list services on the MSAC.

CAHE Researchers apply their research skills in epidemiology, biostatistics, and health economics to evaluate and prepare high quality protocols and submission-based assessments. Each output involves analysis and review of complex efficacy, safety and cost-effectiveness data. The reports prepared by CAHE aids decisions regarding whether services and tests should be funded by the Medicare Benefits Scheme.


Provision of Consultancy Services to HealthPACT

CAHE Lead: Martin Downes

FUNDING: Queensland Health

DESCRIPTION:  HealthPACT is the national committee for the horizon scanning of new and emerging technologies. We provide expert evidence based assessments in the form of technology briefs on new and emerging technologies or technologies that are being considered under new indications.

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