Current CAHE Projects


Funding Body

Completion date due in 2012

Transition Care Transition Care - Innovation and Evidence NHMRC
PET head & Neck cancer PS/JW Nil Nil
The WHICH? Study (heart failure) NHMRC Project
Disease Management Programs in Cardiology NHMRC Program Grant
Blue care practice nurses ARC
TLC Diabetes Telephone-linked Care System in Diabetes Management NHMRC
A Cost-effectiveness Model Comparing Midwifery Group Practice with Standard Hospital-based Care at the Gold Coast Hospital NHMRC
The ProActive Heart Program -Telephone support management for heart failure Cancer Council Qld
WORC The Work Outcomes Research Cost-Benefit Project Nil/DoHA
CanChange: Cost-effectiveness of a tele-based lifestyle coaching program for colorectal cancer survivors Cancer Australia Project
Cost-effectiveness of surveillance of non-dysplastic Barrett’s oesophagus with or without biomarker testing NHMRC Early Career Fellowship
WACS Working After Cancer Study - Work life after a diagnosis of colorectal cancer: major disruption or work as usual? ARC Discovery Project
Cost effectiveness of physiotherapy led orthopaedic clinics Queensland Health
Pressure Injury Prevention Griffith Uni Area of Strategic Investment (Chronic Disease)
Cost analysis of peripheral intravenous cannula replacement Nil (Masters Project)
Transfemoral Aortic Valve Replacement Edwards Life Sciences
Costs and benefits of comprehensive health assessments for adults with intellectual disability living in the community Nil/Qld Centre for Intellectual and Developmental Disability
Achieving needs-based end-of-life services: A prospective, longitudinal study of pathways for advanced cancer patients. Cancer Council Qld

Completion Date Due 2013

Health Coaching in chronic disease BUPA Health Foundation
Preferences for HTA criteria DEEDI/QHealth/GU
Cochrane Systematic Review Pressure Injury Prevention Nil
TRIPS – Trauma Recovery Priority Indicators TRADIM Grant from National Critical Care and Trauma Response Centre (NCCTRC)/Qld Health
Patient preferences for prophylactic cranial irradiation in lung cancer Nil (Registrar Project)

Completion Date Due 2014

Personalized feedback to reduce alcohol for women and their children  
Costs and outcomes of introducing a Community Rehabilitation Service in North Queensland Townsville Division of GP
Efficacy antenatal midwifery-led psycho-education intervention (APRIME) in fearful mothers NHMRC Project Grant
Investigating causes of stillbirths: a prospective cohort study examining use and effectiveness of a comprehensive investigation protocol. NHMRC Project Grant
Engaging the public in healthcare decision making: Quantifying preferences for healthcare through Citizens’ Juries ARC Linkage
Queensland Neurorestorative Rehabilitation for Early Brain Injury: Translating Novel Rehabilitation into Best Practice Department of Science, Information technology, Innovation, and the Arts, AND the Merchant Charitable Trust

Completion Date Due 2015

Sun and Health research program NHMRC Centre for Research Excellencce

Complete in 2016

External evaluation of Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) submissions
(RFT 086/1112)


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